History of the company

Manufacturing, sales and services company „MN“ d.o.o. was set up in 1990. As the first business entity in the region with primary activity: sales of oil and oil derivatives, it was registered on 23/03/1990 with Valjevo Commercial court.

The business activities of the company started by the operation of the Gas station in Zavlaka, Krupanj municipality, where the seat of the company was registered. Besides gas station, the consumer shops and sales of oil and lubricants began.

In the period from 1990 to 2011 the Company grew into one of the largest and major business entities in the region with business facilities located within the territories of the Loznica ,Krupanj, Mali Zvornik, Belgrade and Novi Sad municipalities.

Since 1995, the Company headquarters have been located in Loznica, St. Republike Srpske bb.
The company has developed business activities in the four following areas:

  • purchase , production and processing of fruits,
  • production and installation of vibro-pressed concrete elements
  • tourist and hotels/restaurants management
  • trading, customs /forwarding and transport services

The enterprise has adequate financial and personal resources, as well as significant experience for quality performance of jobs in all above-mentioned fields. The company enjoys reputation of quality and reliable partner at the market.