The price trends in fruits purchase and sales prices of the finished products from frozen fruits at the foreign market clearly indicate that profit per product unit shows declining tendency. The enhanced level of the business economy undoubtedly imposes larger production, purchase and processing of fruits i.e. enhanced export of products from frozen fruit. Having established this as basic priority of business policy, “Mn“pays special attention to the fact that the area which gravitates towards cold storage plant, approximately 20-30 km in diameter, in view of the production possibilities, significantly exceeds the needs of the cooling plant, while, at the same time, there is a demand in foreign markets, at least in regards to products from raspberries, sour cherries, blackberries, and various plum products.

„Mn“possesses its own seed farms covering over 30 hectares of space. Multiply benefits ensue from the increase of our own growing fields- the price of production costs and products quality should be particularly pinpointed. The price is lower than the purchase price, sometimes even up to 50%, the product quality is much better. Raspberries, sour cherries and plums are grown in our own seed farms.

Our own growing fields contribute to better education of individual producers.

„Mn“establishes that expansion of our own seed farms is among the top priorities of ourbusiness policy, due to their manifold significance.

Direct sale to buyers who use the frozen fruits products for their own production or sell them to final buyers as consumer fruits is imposed by purely economic reasons. Direct sales help eliminate third persons and enables higher price, whilst concurrently securing stronger commitment of buyers for „MN“products. Delivery of at least one third of the overall production to final consumers ranks among the top priorities of the business policy of „MN“in 2012 and 2013.

The sale to final consumer calls for change in the structure of processing. We are referring, above all, to small packages, which essentially represents new program of food processing. The introduction of this program and stabilization of such sale demands time and huge resources. Long-term strategy of „MN“involves processing of raspberries and its delivery in small-scale packages, in approximately 500 tons quantities.

„MN“shall continue to develop deliveries of finished products in larger packages, independently from the deliveries of small-scale packages. „MN“cooling plant shall continue to base its business operations with hitherto buyers, which do not demand deliveries of small-scale packages.

We cannot produce sufficient quantities of fruits in our own seed farms for the full exploitation of cold storage capacities. Therefore „MN“shall continue to cooperate with individual producers in primary production. In  order to further up their production, „MN“ shall provide professional expertise and timely secure sufficient quantities of fertilizers, protection means and other repro materials.