Retail trade

Basically, sales encourages development of other activities in „MN“, primarily production, purchase and processing of fruits, as well as production and installation of concrete ware.

Timely provision of quality repro materials and protection means for the needs of individual producers and for our own seed fruit farms enables two-fold advantages-cheaper and larger production. As wholesale trader, „MN“procures large quantities of repro materials and protection means. In this way, we reduce the purchase price and enable more cost-effective production. From the other side, „MN“ , as professional trader, is in the position to buy quality goods, especially in light of the fact that this company has all required information on the condition of seed farms and most effective products for protection and feeding of plants.

Efficient protection and quality feeding strengthen the production.

Huge quantities of oil derivatives are used for transportation of plates and other concrete elements to construction sites. In-house trade allows cheaper provision of derivatives and timely furnishing of the same.

The offer of the consumer goods can help with advance payment for purchases of fruits and subsequently establish stronger bonds of the primary producers to „MN“. In every case, trade contributes to decrease of costs and enhanced image of „MN“.

Taking into consideration the significance of trade for fostering development of other activities, the business policy in trade comes down to two essential goals- growth of sales above the level of price growth and scope of profits that cover all costs and secure rentability at the average level of the relevant branch.